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Image by Olga Thelavart

I can not recommend this breeder and family enough for bringing our special girl into our lives! The entire process with this family was warm, inviting, professional and zero issues! She was easy to train (which was a huge bonus), in perfect health and has the absolute best personality. I literally get stopped daily by people commenting on what a beautiful dog I have with the cutest personality. I haven’t had a puppy in almost 16 years and Jill was there to help me and give me advice the whole time. Our family could not be happier!

Ashley Reamer

I’ve observed the expertise, dedication and pure love Labradoodle Days puts into all aspects of breeding their dogs. Puppies spend their first eight weeks of life learning and living in a healthy, creative environment. I bought Lucy, born on 2/20/2020, loved the experience and adore her!


Joan Gibbons

Waited a long while to find the right breeder. Felt that connection with Jill right away. She provided lots of information on the puppies by email. Lots of pics and videos on Facebook. The puppies had a lot of social interaction. She couldn’t promise which puppy we would end up with but let us pick our top 3. She asked about our lifestyle and did a great job matching me with a pup. Kacey is 5 months old and already potty trained. She is smart and loveable. So happy that I found Jill!

Stephanie Chase

Image by Olga Thelavart

We got a dog from Labradoodle Days in Jan 2019. Everything about the experience exceeded our expectations and now we have the best dog ever! Our dog is so calm, beautiful, healthy and friendly. I take him to work with me everyday. He is a registered therapy dog and brings many people comfort. The breeders are responsible, honest, good, solid people who do the right thing in regards to their pets and the puppies they raise. I couldn’t be more thrilled we found them and highly recommend them to anyone searching for a beautiful companion.

Amy Hester

Labradoodle Days far exceeded our expectations! Jill is the BEST and provided us with plenty of guidance and information during the time leading up to as well as the time after bringing home our pup. We brought home our sweet boy in October of 2020 and couldn’t be more thrilled! He has an incredible temperament, is intelligent (learns quickly and has a natural drive to learn), gentle and caring with our toddler… the list seriously goes on and on. I will forever recommend Labradoodle Days 💙

Rita Diapolous

Labradoodle Days made the entire puppy experience so fun! The breeders are very responsive to any questions and are seriously so helpful with all the concerns we have had- from grooming suggestions to obedience classes to different leash or food options! They send you emails to be sure you are prepared BEFORE the puppy comes home with you! The puppies are beautiful, smart and full of the sweetest personality! We spent a lot of time researching breeds and breeders before selecting Labradoodle Days! We could not be happier! Our sweet girl is 8 months old now and such a special part of our family!

Megan Harlan

Image by Olga Thelavart

Using a small family breeder was important to me. These pups are well socialized, loved, and have lots of experiences before coming to you! Having the right start is so important. Every labradoodle days dog I have met has a great temperament, beautiful coats, and easily trainable! You can’t go wrong with a labradoodle days dog!

Michele Coppola

We cannot say enough great things about Labradoodle Days. Jill and Bryan Richardson are everything we were looking for in finding a reputable breeder who truly cares about the dogs themselves, in addition to striving at improving the breed. To say we were all around impressed with how they run their business would be an understatement. In fact, it didn’t feel as though Labradoodle days was a business at all. They made us feel as though we were getting a pet from someone we already knew.


Kelly Radomski

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