Guardian Families

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Image by Olga Thelavart

Currently Looking for Guardian Families

We love our guardian families! Having Guardian Families ensures all of our breeding dogs live a happy, wonderful life with their own loving Forever Family. Being a guardian family is a great way to have a wonderful Australian Labradoodle that is fully health tested and the pick of the litter as a family pet. Having Guardian families allows us to breed high quality Australian Labradoodles by having multiple breeding dogs in our program. Labradoodle Days chooses the puppy that will live with the Guardian Family. We choose our puppies based on their temperament, personality, structure and coat. 

The cost to be a Guardian Family is $1,000 plux tax. In addition to this purchase price, the guardian family is responsible for the cost of owning a dog such as vaccinations, flea and tick prevention, heartworm prevention, grooming, etc. Labradoodle Days is responsible for any costs related to reproduction of the dog. The mamas in our breeding program will live with us while they whelp their puppies and will return to their Guardian Families once puppies have been weaned. Typically 7/8 weeks.

Apply to be one of our amazing guardian families and be a part of the Labradoodle Days family helping to raise loving puppies that will bring joy to other families.

Image by Olga Thelavart

· Live within one hour of Jensen Beach, FL.

· Notify us at the first sign of heat

· Bring dog to us for breeding 

· Keep female away from intact males during her cycle

· Never leave female unattended outside during her cycle

· Provide veterinary care when needed

· Feed the dog high quality dog food

· Train dog and take him/her to obedience classes

· Socialize the dog

· Be interviewed by the breeder

Guardian Requirements